xMove Hardware-in-the-Loop enables the customers to re-use and rapidly produce test results.

Accelerate Product Development and Testing with Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) simulation is a powerful tool for accelerating product development and testing. HIL simulation allows for the testing of complex systems in a safe and controlled environment by simulating the behavior of hardware components and integrating them with virtual components in real-time. This solution brief highlights the benefits of using HIL simulation in product development and testing

Key Benefits

Reduces Development Time: HIL simulation allows for the testing of hardware and software components in a safe and controlled environment, reducing the need for physical testing. This can significantly reduce the time needed for product development and testing

Minimizes Risk: HIL simulation allows for the testing of complex systems in a safe and controlled environment, minimizing the risk of damage to physical components and reducing the risk of system failures

Improves System Performance: HIL simulation allows for the testing of complex systems under a variety of conditions, enabling developers to optimize system performance and identify potential issues before they occur

Cost-Effective: HIL simulation reduces the need for physical testing, which can be time-consuming and costly. This can significantly reduce development costs and improve the ROI of product development

xMove Platform

Since its inception in early 2006, the xMove test platform has continuously evolved, incorporating the latest techniques and standards within the automotive industry. 

ALIARO's primary focus has been on re-usability, with a strong emphasis on optimizing the total cost of ownership.

 Hardware concept

Modular design

The hardware is organized into distributed sub-systems within the 19" rack, with each unit capable of supporting one or multiple DUTs in the test environment. This distributed architecture allows for cost-efficient maintenance and minimal commissioning time between projects.

Flexible I/O Management - reconfigured as per requirement.

The system is comprised of several I/O units, specifically the xMove Sub-system chassis, where each unit is software-reconfigurable. 

Through the xMove Configurator Software, every pin can be remapped to either Digital I/O or Analog I/O. 

This provides significant value for projects as a unique identity for each system can be created easily before the start of a project, which is fully mapped towards the DUT.

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Various application areas where xMove Test Solution can be implemented

Integration Testing 


Vehicle Dynamics


Desktop Testing


Demonstration of ECU Testing

The purpose of the demonstration is to show how to exectute test cases from TestStand in combination with VeriStand. 
The demo presents how to swap between two different DUT configuration and re-configure the test system using software.