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xMove Configurator

NI 788246-35 (xMove Configurator Software)

The xMove Configurator is application software that you can use to define and edit VeriStand System definition files for hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems with PXI, CompactRIO, and Switch Load and Signal Conditioning (SLSC) modules. You can use the UI to rapidly adjust to new requirements or add new ECUs by remapping your signal types. 

The xMove Configurator is ideal for users working with VeriStand and have a need to reconfigure the test system for test automation on multiple test objects.

Application Areas

  • Medium to large test systems with multiple connector types.
  • Medium to large test systems with multiple SLSC modules.
  • Running different DUTs on the same system and must perform rapid re-configurations.


  • Add-on feature for rapid configuration for Veristand
  • Deploy customized configurations to Veristand
  • Drag’n drop pin configuration
  • Configuration of multiple connector blocks

Demonstration of xMove Configurator

This demonstration will illustrate how to update systems with different signal types and connectors and how to deploy that configuration to NI VeristandNOTE! The application has been renamed to xMove Configurator (former Aliaro Configurator)Still want to know more? Go to to download your xMoveConfigurator free trial. Use the button below to download our sample files to explore the program’s features and see how xMove can make your testing easier!