Virtual Flight Simulation using xMove Test Solutions

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virtual flight simulation

Smooth integration between xMove and X-Plane

When testing Avioincs systems you will need a Virtual Flight simulator integrated in your test facility, to manipulate and simulate signals for your LRUs. The xMove Test Solutions offer an integrated solution between NI VeriStand and X-PlaneFlight Simulator where this is handled by a plugin. The plugin is available through ALIARO and interested to know more, please contact our sales team.

xMove Test Base Rack

The xMove Base Rack feature 38U for factor, painted in black and complies with electrostatic discharge (ESD) control standards (IEC 61340-5-1), and safety, mechanical, and power components prepared for your avionics testing.

Powerful X-Plane Plugin Software

ALIARO has developed a powerful X-Plane plugin in NI VeriStand Development Systems to enable management of the features from X-Plane to be accessable from the xMove Test System.