Many test systems are custom build due to the special needs (protocol, load, function etc.) each device under test (DUT) has. The Exchangeable Loadbox separates the test platform from the DUT specific loads and wiring, providing a flexible test system that might be used for numerous of DUTs. This setup enables virtual hot swap of the test system, a new DUT setup can be prepared in advance and when the test system is available, the user just eject the previous Loadbox from the system, replacing it with the prepared setup.

Furthermore; using test platforms instead of separate, dedicated test systems, for each DUT makes it possible to reduce the number of systems and lowering cost for overall investment and maintenance.

The combination of The Exchangeable Loadbox, the Fault Insertion and Signal Conditioning box with commercial I/O provides a modular and flexible test solution optimized for signals used in machines, robots and vehicles

Application Areas

  • The Exchangeable Loadbox is used in both the Midi and the Large test system plattforms. The Exchangeable Loadbox together with the interfacebox can also be integrated with test systems from other vendors or existing old systems.


The Exchangeable Loadbox can be equipped with 4mm Brake-Out panels on the front for selected signals. Computer controlled switching of loads and other signals can also be fitted in the Loadbox if required.

Technical details:


The Exchangeable Loadbox is build using standard 19” mechanics, 3 or 6 HE. The rear electrical interface is fitted on the top of our FISC box keeping the cable length (and the impedances) to a minimum. The Exchangeable Loadbox is replaceable within a minute, loosen the front screws and replace.


The electrical interface is defined upon customer request using one to four Virgina panels® connector modules. VPC provides connector modules ranging from high density digital signals (192 3A pins /module) to power supply (50A), RF (18GHz) and Pneumatic (6.9Bar).