Test System for Hardware-in-the-loop (HIL)


An electronic control unit (ECU) can be defined as electronics that control / control a physical machine, e.g. a washing machine, robot or car. These devices are becoming increasingly complex and in many cases they are included in a larger network of multiple devices.
Aliaro has over the years developed test solutions for controllers, both small and simple, and larger for complex networks.

Today’s electronic controllers require a complex test environment for the testing to be performed. HIL (Hardware In The Loop) used to simulate an environment is a well-proven technique. Previously, HIL was an expensive solution, used only by the space and automotive industry. Today, we can offer this technology using standard computers in our test systems.

In order to offer customized test solutions for electronic controllers to our customers, we have created a platform called KADRO. It contains components, processes and knowledge of how to provide test solutions for electronic controllers.