Kadro K16 – Desktop Functional Tester

Performing Functional Testing and/or lighter Hardware-in-the-loop simulations

The Functional Tester is open platform for performing automated testing of one or many test objects during development. The test system is designed to be extended and customized to meet your changing requirements. The demand to include automated tests before release of new products has increase in a rapid speed and to manage this you need to invest in flexible and re-usable test systems. ALIARO have therefor developed a flexible test system where you can change the behavior of a setup without the need to change the hardware.

Key features

Functional Tester enables the possibility to configure pins to the connector in a flexible way i.e. pins can be configured into different signal types (AI/AO/DI/DO), using software-based matrix. By default, the platform offers fault injection on all channels. This makes Functional Tester into an awesome test system with a flexibility that can handle product changes without the need to change hardware. Functional Tester can be used with 3rd party application such as LabVIEW, TestStand, VeriStand or RobotFramework.

Hardware -in-the-Loop simulation

The tester has an real-time O/S running Linux RT and an integrated FPGA for faster I/O capabilities. This enable you to run smaller HIL applications from your desktop.