Verification of Electric Aircraft

As aircraft become more complicated, systems integration testing (Iron Bird or integration test facilities) are more important than ever. Rigorous systems Integration HIL testing ensures that Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) across the Aircraft – that have been developed in isolation – all function correctly and safely together.

ALIARO deliver test systems for integrated test facilities, system integration benches and BMS/Propulsion/Battery Testing.

System Integration

xMove Functional Test Bench

ALIARO offers both functional test benches and complete Hardware-in-the-loops simulator.


BMS Testing and Battery Cell Simulation

ALIARO offers off-the-shelf solutions for testing BMS. We have also a dedicated Battery Cell Simulator to replace the batteries during verification.

Integration Test Facility

Testing your complete aircraft

ALIARO offers off-the-shelf solutions for the Integration Test Facility where we combine our products and solutions to cover the verification of the complete aircraft.

We can now start to fly our electric aircraft virtually! A few months ago, we selected ALIARO as our Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation capability supplier to support our aircraft system integration activities. Last week they delivered and commissioned the initial capability system and trained our team to use it. We can now test, learn and identify areas of improvement very early in the development of our aircraft!

Start verification earlier using Virtual Flight Simulator

ALIARO integrates the Virtual Flight Simulator from x-Plane to enable the customer start testing their systems earlier phase to find early bugs and defects in their software.

Using our off-the-shelf custom device for NI VeriStand the integration is easier than ever.

First virtual flight of Heart Aerospace Electric Aircraft