Aliaro opens an office in Lund

Aliaro opens an office in Lund

On March 1, we open the Aliaro office in Lund. The office is located on 11th  floor of Ideon Gateway at the Ideon Science Park, where a total of some 350 companies have operations. With the establishment Aliaro is now represented in both Lund and Gothenburg.

A demand for our expertise in test development, test systems and industrial cloud services has been a contributing factor in being chosen to establish ourselves in Skåne. The choice to move to Ideon Science Park was obvious when this is the place to be if we are to help companies developing emerging technologies.

We already have our first colleague on site, Marcus Törndahl, who has extensive experience in the development of test systems based on NI product offerings. We will continue to seek more colleagues and if you are interested please email your CV to

Responsible for the new office is Mikael Bedemo who is also CEO of Aliaro AB. If you want to know more about the establishment and our services, please contact Mikael via email,, or mobil, 0733-42 42 61.

Aliaro AB
Scheelevägen 27
223 63 Lund

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