Aliaro is a new Associate Partner in Vehicle ICT Arena

Aliaro is a new Associate Partner in Vehicle ICT Arena

“We note a major need for being able to connect customers’ solutions/equipment primarily in the industries that have been a contributory factor in our IIoT – Industrial Internet of Things activities,” says Mikael Bedemo, CEO of Aliaro.

Aliaro AB was founded in 2014, with a main emphasis on offering customers IIoT solutions. The company’s primary focus is to offer connected distributed test systems that can be accessed through the AliaroLAB cloud service.

The company is new but the employees have many years of experience in both system development of cloud services and testing systems that can be offered to customers.

“We became a partner in Vehicle ICT Arena in order to meet cooperation partners that work with vehicles in IoT solutions. We have a complete testing system, Kadro, which was developed with a focus on automotive that combines cloud services with traditional testing systems,” says Mikael Bedemo.

Read more about Vehicle ICT Arena here.

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